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Team comes with the deep industry knowledge enables us to provide all time precisely detailed and timely delivered projects. Beyond current capabilities we always implement and improve the processes to achieve both mean and end goals. We use Tekla Structures as our primary detailing software. Also we use SDS/2 and Advance Steel.

Pre-process stage

  • Technical Synopsis- Pre-plan Drawings and Checklist, Customized Design Drawing Log & Design Drawing Folder

  • Client specific ABM ( Advance Bill of Material)

  • Bought out Items

  • Material Summaries


Project execution stage

  • Shop Drawings

  • Erection Drawings

  • Drawing Log & Transmittal

  • Part Drawings/ Gathers/ Attached material details

  • Embeds/anchors details and placement drawings

  • Precast Element Details & List

  • Customized Shop & Field Bolt Details

  • Customized NC Files

  • Fabtrol /EJE import files

  • DXF files for plate work

  • 3D Models or 3D PDF

  • Import files for BIM Model, Rivet Model

  • AutoCAD drawings/ .dwg Files

  • Animation Support

  • Field verification sketches


Post Completion Stage

  • Data Security

  • Model Backup

  • Drawing Backup

  • NC File Backup

  • Future Expansion Project Support

Steel Det process.jpg
Adavance steel.jpg